According to the leadership of former CEO James Brearly, Post-Covid privatization p.3 Covid privatization p.4 Post-covid post neutrality p.5 Post-covid post neutrality p.6 Among the many changes that have affected the role of governments in Indian business over the past two decades, one has been the globalization of financial services. One of India’s largest and most popular financial services companies is Post Bank, which the Government of India privatized in October 2010. The government helped to rework the organization and management of Post Covid, which played a critical role in delivering credit to small businesses with an inclination toward growth and capital expenditures over operating expenses.

What is Post Covid?

Covid was a leading Indian Payments Company that delivered financial products to businesses in India. In October 2010, the Government of India recognized the need for a “new, more transparent, and more accountable” financial system and approved the formation of a new nationalized financial services organization. The new organization would be known as Post Bank. The Central Bank of India and the Indian financial regulatory entity, the Financial Supervisory Authority, would oversee the operation of the new financial system.

Why is Post Covid Important?

Post-Covid was and remained a crucial financial player in the Indian economy. It delivered financial products to businesses, which grew and developed based on the products and services provided. Growth in the sector was threatened by the onset of financial sector reforms and the restructuring of the Indian economy. The Indian financial regulatory framework—which regulates the entire financial sector and provides necessary oversight for financial activities—is challenged by these changes. A change in financial services can significantly impact the entire Indian economy by generating shifts in investment and productivity and altering the organization of the Indian government and private sectors.


Post-Covid was a crucial player in the Indian economy, and it experienced a rapid decline in value following the company’s privatization. The state-owned bank was sold in October 2010 to the private equity firm Ocean Trust, which had a particular interest in investing in Indian companies. The company was renamed Particl and continues to trade as a significant financial services company. The post-covid financial services industry in India has seen a dramatic shift in the past two years. Investment has risen in recent years; however, the demand for financial services has also multiplied. The Indian financial services industry needs a fresh look to survive in the long term.