‍The perfect companion for the ultimate frat boy or girl, the camera loves to follow its favorite Hollywood stars as they go about their business.

If you’re Franci Neely, you will love working with directors like Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr., and Johnny Depp.

You can also count on your hot friend Dan Hall as an adviser during production, making her even better.

As a result, she has received a fair share of praise regarding her work over the past few years.

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Why Franci Neely Is The Best Of The Best

Let us start with what made Neely’s work so good: her visual storytelling.

Yes, you may have heard it before: stories are visual.

What makes those visuals come to life in the film industry’s best lights is the presence of actors and actresses who can bring the characters to life through their actions and facial expressions.

In addition, the camera loves to follow and lures the actors in some cases.

This makes for some fascinating characters to follow.

What is her favorite project?

Alicia Vikander – The Age of Innocence Carla Sokolov – The Mercy of Venus Kirsten Gillibert – The Secret of My Success Vincent Vega – The Man Who Stole Time

Final Words

Franci Neely’s art will also appear in the Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black to top everything we’ve just discussed.

You can watch the first season of Orange here, and we can’t guarantee we’ll see the next one either.

But her work has something for everyone, which makes her the best of the best.