Luke Lazarus is an Australian entrepreneur and a consulting firm owner.

He started and operated four businesses at the age of 25 years old, which he later sold them earning him enough profit to come to retirement at his early age of 33 years.

Lazarus had a strong passion for entrepreneurship since he became a business owner for the first time at the age of 8 years.

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He continued to operate his businesses until he graduated from high school where he passed a near perfect of 4.0-grade point average.

After his graduation, several colleges and universities consulted him for recruitment.

He settled at Melbourne Business School where he earned himself a master’s degree in business Education.

Since then he turned down several job opportunities despite perusing a passion for starting up several businesses.

As a business owner, he understands that challenges are not brought in by a lack of passion and effort since he has worked with several businesspersons who worked for 16 hours a day to make their ends meet.

He sees that the biggest challenge of entrepreneurs is the inability to realize that they do not know how to go about them to perform every business function as required for it to perform its success.

In Melbourne and Sydney business communities, Lazarus has developed a reputation since he was very honest and caring, and highly effective. He urges his clients to let go of their negativities and hesitations about seeking funding from unknown sponsors.

Luke Lazarus uses an IPO to ensure the highest possible value for his client’s satisfaction.

Branding is also his main thing since he brands his work while positioning his clients on how to start earning after opening their businesses.

Lazarus worked with several businesspersons whose businesses did not succeed and came up with a working strategy.

He loves to connect with people since he makes his free time for people through social media platforms to educate and encourage people in their journey in business.

His greatest feeling is towards giving back to the community that supported him in his entrepreneurial journey since he loves spending his time with people.

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