Impeccable Leadership at InnovaCare Health by Rick Shinto

InnovaCare is among the best companies in the United States that offer Medicaid programs. The company has a team of experts who create sustainable models that assist in providing healthcare services that are affordable. Modern technology is used by the company to ensure that operations run accordingly. The mission of InnovaCare is to ensure that problems facing healthcare are solved. The company also redefines management of healthcare companies by eliminating problems encountered while running healthcare institutions. Strong values are also applied by the company’s team of management to create a strong bond with patients.


Richard Shinto is a highly experienced and competent individual who serves at the company as both the president and CEO. Mr. Shinto has a lot of knowledge in the health industry due to the many years he has been in the industry. This makes him an appropriate candidate for the roles he serves at Innovacare. Richard has held several executive positions in distinguished medical centres for over 20 years. This is proven because Innovacare Health only employs competent and experienced professionals who can efficiently run the organization to ensure its continued growth. Shinto has outstanding leadership qualities that make him a suitable candidate to occupy a top position at Innovacare Health.


Shinto served as the president at Aveta Inc. for four years before joining InnovaCare Health. It is also worth noting that Rick held the position of a chief medical officer at Medical Pathways Management Company. In addition to that, he served from 1996 to 1997 at MedPartners Inc. as the company’s Corporate Vice President. Shinto pursued his studies at the University of Redlands. Rick’s rich education background enables him to serve his roles accordingly.


Penelope Kokkinides currently serves at InnovaCare as the company’s administrative officer. Penelope took the position in 2015. Kokkinides was a previous employee at Aveta Company where she held the position of a Chief Operating Officer. Penelope’s two decades of experience in the health sector give her an added advantage to secure a job in top healthcare organizations. Both Rick and Penelope have excellent leadership and management qualities that make them great leaders at InnovaCare Health. The two ensure good governance thus contributing to the company’s smooth operations.


Rick has received several prestigious awards due to his remarkable achievements. He earned the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award based on his dedication to serving and the accomplishments he led at InnovaCare through inventive ideas and incredible financial success. InnovaCare Health will continue growing as long as Rick retains his executive role.