GoBuyside: A Recruitment Platform Designed To Connect Top-Tier Talent To Alternative Investment Companies, Across A Worldwide Nexus

Let’s assume you’re the owner of a private equity firm. Maybe you manage a hedge fund. Or, perhaps you’re the CEO of a consultancy business. In any case, you need to fill some positions. Your search for new hires might take you to LinkedIn. Or, you might instead elect to contact GoBuyside Inc. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Interview.net.

Founded in 2011, GoBuyside is a thoroughly modern recruitment platform. Company founder, Arjun Kapur, a graduate of both Johns Hopkins and Stanford Universities, acquired extensive experience in the world of finance before putting together GoBuyside.

Overseeing the moving parts of numerous, intricate business arrangements in over three dozen U.S. cities and more than a dozen non-U.S. ones put Kapur in a unique position to appreciate the need for high-end talent in the alternative investment field. He recognized the dire need for a platform that would quickly and conveniently connect alternative investment companies with their talent needs, both for permanent vacancies and to cover special project needs.

Today, less than ten years later, GoBuyside is the largest buyside community in the world. Hundreds of companies trust GoBuyside to fill their human resource requirements, including many Fortune 500 companies. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

Arjur Kapur’s envisioned platform has become the three dimensional manifestation of all he imagined it could be and more. Head and shoulders above the crowd, Kapur’s company is known for its industry and its use of proprietary technology, as well as for the high degree of professionalism exhibited by its team.

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GoBuyside’s vetting skills are proven and unmatched. A highly educated staff puts candidates through an exhaustive process to ensure only top-tier talent gets into the company pool. Project managers can access skilled temporary talent with the required academic credentials at a fraction of what they would pay for regular workers.

Candidates can use GoBuyside’s platform to receive unique work opportunities. Companies and candidates are brought together across a nexus that spans 10,000 companies across the world in North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

Check: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Gobuyside-Inc.-1