Organo Gold: A Highly Ranked Hollistic Coffee Company

ORGANO, formerly known as Organo Gold, Is now offering coffee and supplement products two people all across America your independent boutique shops and chain stores. The aim is to help offer products at an affordable rate two people with an active lifestyle that require high quality products as an alternative to the corporate style Starbucks coffee countrywide. Although the popularity of sitting at coffee shops didn’t start until after the 1950s, today with the Advent of technology and wireless internet it has been taken to a whole new level. Starbucks, as a matter of fact, can be seen on virtually every intersection and Crossroads of a major city and easily within 1 mile drive of suburban areas. In fact in New York City there are Starbucks across the street from Starbucks in some cases! Watch this video on Youtube.

Unlike some coffee shops which only offer a few choices, ORGANO offers a wide spectrum of bean Blends and choices, in addition to kombucha and mushroom related products, cold brew teas, flavored drinks, healthy shake drinks, and even beauty products like soap bars for natural exfoliation. As the market currently stands, ORGANO is the only company that has Ganoderma Spore coffee for sale, also known as Reishi Mushrooms. The health benefits of reishi mushrooms are incredible for the heart, and when combined with coffee make an extremely potent antioxidant. With so many people being more and more particular about their coffee choices, the market is certainly opening its doors to products like ORGANO which offered these specialized lense that combined health and organic harvesting methods. For example, the city of Portland with only just over half a million residents alone has over 25 different types of individual roasters. Visit to know more.

ORGANO is more than just a coffee and wellness company, however. They also are listed as one of the top 100 marketing companies in the world. They were ranked number 55 in the world of network marketing companies according to Direct Selling News.


Highland Capital: Celebrating the Hard Work Of Women

Women have been working for centuries and have contributed a lot to the workforce. When you have global corporations such as Highland Capital Management that celebrates how much women have meant to the workplace, it really puts things into perspective. At the George W.Bush Presidential Center, women were not only at the forefront of the celebration but former First Ladies were acknowledged as the focus of the event. This was all part of Women’s History Month. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

Laura Bush was there to introduce the panel set in place by Highland Capital that consisted of Bill Allman, Dr. Katherine Sibley, Lea Berman, and Anita McBride. She also talked about the fond memories in the White House and the initiatives that she saw implemented. Mrs. Bush spoke about the policies that brought changed based on her assessment of what American people really needed. Natalie Gonnella-Platts was asked to moderate the panel. Before anything got off the ground, Highland Capital took the time to acknowledge and applaud the women that keep the corporation running. It was important for them to not only come to this event but share in how the women that are part of their workplace are making fantastic strides to keep the environment intact. Without their hard work and dedication, Highland Capital Management would not be the company it is today. Read this article at PR Newswire.

The exhibit talked about and presented the work that the First Ladies have accomplished while in office. Everyone of them were on display along with their accomplishments. When the event was over, everyone in attendance was thoroughly educated in the roles of the wives in the White House. This also involves policy changes, playing hostess to guests, and their roles as teammate and champions to their husband’s causes.

The event was wonderful and insightful for all there were there. Who knows, maybe they might even add school field trips for such events to include young girls, so that they can strides that women are making in society. Everyone really should be celebrating the accomplishments that women have achieved for the greater good. Everyone should definitely see them too.