The Role of Kate Hudson on Fabletics Business

The latest Fabletics advert is so outstanding. It will give you the idea that you are watching the video directly from the Kate Hudson’s Instagram or Snapchat stream.


As she takes the red carpet, it is evident how Fabletics look great on Kate. The purpose of the product is the main reason why the brand is among the top sellers in the market. The manufacturing company aims at producing commodities that inspire the target audience. For this reason, the design is the best for the different ladies. Once you buy the product, you do not have to worry about your age, size or shape. It’s an inspiration that aspires to build back the confidence of women in their bodies during workouts.


Customer brand has all been pushing the athleisure fashion brand forward. The purpose of the brand is to empower the user and be inclusive. In less than four years, Kate and her marketing team have been able to raise the net worth of the venture. By the end of last year, the value of the brand was more than $250 million. The amount is quite promising because Kate Hudson has no business training or background.


The idea to start Fabletics was conceived by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in the year 2013. They wanted to start a successful athleisure brand that would solve the problems that ladies were experiencing. During this period, there was no moderately priced, stylish and quality athleisure brand in the market. It was a sea of gray and black overpriced workout gear available to women.


The two partners and owners of the Fabletics brand wanted to experience change. To make this happen, Adam and Don Ressler needed to partner with someone who could deliver results. That is how Kate came to join the group. Her primary task is to represent the brand to the audience in a manner that will state what the product is all about and drive sales to the firm.


Since the involvement of Kate in the business, the business has grown tremendously. It is the best Fabletics firm in the market. For easier facilitation of customer satisfaction, the company allows the various clients to check compatibility with the different products before making a purchase. The management understands the importance of valuing client feedback. As such, the company has heavily invested in communication and relaying of data. The concerns that are raised by different users have solved amicably and with a lot of ease.


Before joining the company, Kate Hudson had a huge following on social media. When she became a partner at Fabletics, she was able to make use of her audience to drive traffic to the business. With a quick response to client’s queries, the firm has gained an excellent reputation. The result being ease of marketing the product.


To drive huge traffic to buy the product, Kate understands the fact that it is all about client satisfaction. A satisfied customer is always an asset to the company. To achieve this, she attempts to make her adverts look natural as possible.