Entrepreneurs Profit from Mike Baur’s Banking Experience While Creating Startup Companies

Mike Baur created a business model unlike any of his peers in the startup industry by taking a different approach. Mike’s passion is his work and it’s very lucrative.


In 2014, after 20 years in the banking industry, Mike decided to move forward with a personal goal of founding a startup company. Mike began as a young businessman even at the age of 16. However; at age 39, he took a risk and co-founded Swiss Start Up Factory, which has now become a prominent startup company within Switzerland.


Prior to making the decision, Mike was already very successful as a banker. He’s worked for leading Swiss banks such as Union Bank of Switzerland and Clariden Leu. His banking experiences led Mike to believe that the traditional banking industry was a choice that no longer served his main passion for expanding businesses and producing talented entrepreneurs.


Swiss Start Up Factory works closely with young entrepreneurs and provides the office space needed to conduct business operations and investor dealings. It is a three month program which includes coaching, mentors, an advisory board and personal assistance for aligning investors with an entrepreneur’s company. Mike works directly with the entrepreneurs and investors in order to facilitate successful partnerships. His banking experience is an essential asset as a fund raiser, and for bridging the gap of knowledge between young entrepreneurs and the investor relationship. Mike brings a personal touch to this process, and he also mentors to the teams within the program.


Mike’s ambition, motivation and leadership within Swiss Start Up Factory is a fundamental reason the company has become successful. He has a desire to want to assist entrepreneurs with becoming successful. Although there were many practical reasons Mike could have remained within the banking industry, the chance to take a risk and advance the startup industry forward, as well as his business career, has been greatly beneficial.


Mike also identified an area of technological advancements within the industry that pivots young entrepreneurs far beyond what typical companies accomplish. He says that understanding the technology to build an agile enterprise will require young entrepreneurs to work hard and be prepared to remain committed to the process.


The company needs investors who understand the startup business in order for Swiss Start Up Factory to continue to be the successful company that it has become. With Mike as the Executive Chairman, the company continues to strengthen the startup industry with bold investment strategies and inventive ideas from entrepreneurs.