Igor Cornelsen, the Stock Market Guru and Tipster


Igor Cornelsen is a well known and renowned primary investment banker in Brazil. He was formerly the most famous banker where he was accountable for the management of the largest banking institutions globally. Mr. Cornelsen is an expert consultant who offers advice on the wise long-term investments and in the stock market trends. From his banking experience, Mr. Cornelsen has grasped nitty gritty of all the components of the banking industry.


Mr. Cornelsen never fails to utilize the opportunity at his hand that can develop a business to earn him a lifetime profit. He was nicknamed the tipster from his excellent mastering of the marketing trends. Igor believes that the perception of an individual towards the stock market as a place of quick money must change for him to be successful. He insists that it’s the right time for people start seeing the stock market as an investment.


Igor Cornelsen says on WordPress that the secret of investment experiences in comparison to the previous years and market knowledge. He discovered that his home country Brazil an optimal infrastructure development center and possibly the largest in the entire Southern America. With this knowledge, Mr. Cornelsen used his economics skills to build a vibrant desire of growing his country.

Mr. Cornelsen outlined the three major factors that should be considered by every investor in Brazil which include having knowledge regarding the foreign currency restrictions, having a connection with the natives and being ready for the red tape. The three tips are master points that every investor should have in mind in their businesses. Mr. Igor Cornelsen is currently working with the Bainbridge Group Inc which is one of the best investment firms in Brazil offering expert investment advice and future market insights. Igor spends his free time playing golf as a hobby.

When starting either foreign or commodities exchange, Mr. Cornelsen is one of the proven investment experts you should always consult for the success of your business.